Ladies Cable Knit Sweater- Natural

Ladies Cable Knit Sweater- Natural


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Our beautiful Women's Cable Knit Crew Neck Sweater is the ideal sweater to your winter wear collection. The beautiful sweater, made from the outstanding and intricate Aran patterns, has a deep connection to the Irish traditions and culture.

The sweater is a super-soft pure Merino wool from Ireland. The genuine and pure Merino wool gives the coat a smooth feel on touch, the perfect texture for your ultimate comfort. The Merino wool is amazingly lightweight, giving you a pleasant experience as you keep warm from the cold.

The sweater design and style are exquisite, uniquely crafted to result in one of the most exceptional winters wears you will come across. The inclusion of the front pockets gives the sweater a stylish, trendy look when worn. The crew neck collar provides a traditional sophisticated touch to our masterpiece.